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2019-2020 LSUA Catalog 
2019-2020 LSUA Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Engagement

Located in the Student Center, above the LSUA bookstore, the Division of Student Engagement offers programs that support the university’s commitment to academic excellence and that enrich each student’s experience of college life. Through such programs, students receive academic advising, counseling, career guidance, testing services, and disability services. Students are also offered a variety of opportunities for participation in campus activities, student organizations, and leadership development.

Student Engagement offices are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Appointments are preferred; walk-ins are welcome. After-hours appointments can be scheduled by calling (318) 767-2604. The Division of Student Engagement’s administrative office is located in Room 206, Student Center.

Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success fosters an environment that retains and advances students. We provide learning opportunities based on student experiences and interests. We work closely with all academic and support departments to provide continuous quality support for students from matriculation through graduation. We focus on academic and personal achievement throughout early interventions and systematic tracking of students.

Advising and Retention Specialists help new students make a successful transition to university life and build a solid foundation for future success. In particular, they help students to complete the following tasks:

  • select a course of study appropriate to their abilities and interests;
  • understand and follow the requirements of their degree programs;
  • assess their progress towards meeting those requirements;
  • develop and practice habits that lead to success in academic courses;
  • balance study, work, and leisure time;
  • become familiar with university policies and procedures;
  • learn about campus resources available to them;

Upon admission to the university, each incoming student, whether first-time freshman, transfer, or reentry student, will be advised by a faculty or staff member. New students or transfer/reentry students with less than 30 hours will come to the Center for Student Success and meet with an Advising and Retention Specialist. Students with 30 or more hours will meet with a faculty member within their department. It is during this meeting that course selection for degree completion will be discussed.

Students are required to see their assigned advisors before they schedule classes. They should keep in mind that between semesters and during summer semesters faculty advisors are generally less available than they are during fall and spring. Therefore, advising for spring semester needs to be addressed during the previous fall semester and advising for summer and fall should be addressed during the spring semester.

In addition, all new freshmen and transfer students, with 30 or fewer transfer hours, are expected to attend an orientation session before their classes begin.

Our Student Development Specialist assists students in navigating and understanding the college experience, including strategies to improve academic performance, identifying academic support systems at the University, enhance students’ connection the University through student life opportunities, and assisting with balancing personal and academic priorities. The Student Development Specialist develops and facilitates student development related workshops throughout the year. They also oversee the first-drop program and advise students on academic probation.

For more information, call (318) 767-2604, e-mail advising@lsua.edu, or visit the advising webpage at https://www.lsua.edu/campus-life/dose/css/advising

Counseling Services

The goal of Student Support’s counseling services is to anticipate and address problems that can interfere with a student’s academic progress. Students can receive professional assistance in the following areas:

Personal Counseling

  • sessions with qualified counselors;
  • help with personal growth issues; interpersonal relationship skills, and crisis intervention;
  • appropriate referrals.

Academic Counseling

  • study skills training;
  • time management assistance;
  • college adjustment counseling.

Career Counseling

  • choosing a college major;
  • exploring career options and assessing; career suitability;
  • developing résumé writing skills; and
  • honing interview techniques and strategies.

Assistance is provided through individual appointments, group counseling, educational workshops and seminars, self-help information, and assessment. All counseling services are free and confidential.

Career Planning and Placement

Counselors are also available to help students choose their college majors and make other, long-term career decisions. In addition, students have access to personality tests and other tools to assist them with career planning.

Students seeking post-graduation employment are encouraged to attend the LSUA Job Fair. Held each spring and fall, the fair provides an opportunity for employers in the region to identify suitable applicants for part-time positions, full-time positions, and internships. Students have the opportunity to meet prospective employers and gain experience in the networking process.

Employment and internship opportunities are posted on the Job Opportunity Board located in Student Support and on LSUA’s Career Planning and Placement Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LSUACareers

For more information, visit Student Support’s administrative office, Room 206, Student Center, or call (318) 767-2604.

Testing Services

Testing Services, located in Student Center 204, administers the following tests to area students: ACT, Accuplacer, Dantes, Notary, and CLEP. Also administered are independent study tests, special needs tests, and the HESI and TEAS exams. For more information, call Testing Services at (318) 427-4492. Students can register for exams online at https://www2.registerblast.com/lsua/Exam/List.

Prometric, a commercial testing service, is also located in Student Center 204, and operates in partnership with LSUA to provide testing opportunities to both LSUA students and members of the public. Prometric administers the PRAXIS, the GRE exam, MCAT, and many of the other admission exams required for admission to graduate and professional schools. For more information, call (318) 767-3973.

Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)

Students who identify themselves to SSD and present appropriate written documentation of a learning, physical, or psychological disability may be eligible for academic accommodations. Students who are having problems or need assistance should visit Student Support’s administrative office, Room 206, Student Center, or call (318) 767-2604. Students who are Louisiana residents can also contact the Louisiana Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, 900 Murray Street, Alexandria, LA 71301 (telephone: (318) 487-5335) to inquire about benefits available to students with disabilities.

Student Life

The primary purpose of Student Life is to coordinate student activities and to work with student organizations to enhance the campus experience. Such organizations are also supported by the Student Organizations Council (SOC), a body that encourages the development of student leaders and provides guidance to student activities. Each student organization has a representative on the SOC (a current list of student organizations is provided below). Student Life also assists individual students and academic departments in the coordination of student activity projects. Students interested in participating in campus life or becoming campus leaders should contact the Student Life Coordinator at 427-4403.

Participation in Campus Life

LSUA provides students with an array of opportunities to participate in the life of the campus. These opportunities include working on student publications; participating in intramural sports; supporting LSUA’s intercollegiate athletic teams; participating in student organizations; serving on Student Government; serving on campus committees; exercising at the Fitness Center; and living in The Oaks, LSUA’s student housing complex.

Student Publications

Jongleur, LSUA’s student literary magazine, is published each spring. Students who are interested in creative writing are invited to submit their poems, essays, and short stories to the Jongleur staff for consideration. Student art work is also welcome. Students interested in working on the editing staff of the Jongleur should contact Dr. Bernard Gallagher at bernardg@lsua.edu / Eric Alai at ealai@lsua.edu.

Intramural Sports

The Intramural Sports Program is designed to provide students with opportunities to participate in competitive and noncompetitive recreational sports and activities and to develop their capacities for team work, sportsmanship, and leadership. The program is open to all students, regardless of their level of skill or ability. For more information, contact LSUA’s Athletics Department at (318) 473-6408.


The University offers seven intercollegiate sports, all competing at the Division I level of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics: Men’s Baseball; Women’s Softball; Men’s Soccer; Women’s Soccer; Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, and Women’s Tennis. LSUA also offers students the opportunity to participate in four club sports: cheerleading, golf, rugby and rodeo. For more information, contact the Athletics Department at (318) 473-6408.

Student Organizations

Students are encouraged to participate in the many organizations and clubs available to them on campus. For information about starting new organizations or about joining established organizations, call LSUA’s Student Life Coordinator at (318) 473-4403.

A list of LSUA’s currently active student clubs and organizations is presented below:

  • Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana (A+PEL)
  • Accounting Club
  • Art League
  • Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM)
  • Biological Science Organization (BSO)
  • Black Organization f o r Leadership and Development (BOLD)
  • Campus Activities Board
  • Catholic Student Organization (CSO)
  • Clio
  • Collegiate 4-H 
  • Criminal Justice Association
  • Empty Space Players
  • Gamma Lambda Tau
  • International Students Organization (ISO)
  • KINS Club
  • Latin American Students Organization (LASO)
  • Link at LSUA
  • LSUA Business Society
  • LSUA Chemistry Club
  • LSUA Media Team
  • Marketing Club / AMA Chapter
  • Math Club (Lambda Tau Chi)
  • Muslin Organization for Leadership and Development
  • National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)
  • Psychology Club
  • Rotaract
  • Sigma Beta Delta
  • Sigma Tau Delta
  • Student Government
  • Student Nurses Association
  • Zeta Phi Beta

Gamma Beta Phi

Gamma Beta Phi is a national collegiate honor and service organization for students in colleges and universities in the United States. Students must have an overall grade point average of at least 3.0 to be invited to become members. The gold satin stole worn by graduates at commencement signifies that they are members in good standing. For more information about the organization and its activities, visit www.gammabetaphi.org/.

Student Government

Student Government is the recognized governing organization of LSUA’s student body and provides student representation in all areas of university life. For more information, e-mail sg@lsua.edu.

Student Participation on Campus Committees

LSUA has a long tradition of encouraging student participation in the decision making processes of the campus. Where appropriate, student representatives have served on Faculty Senate committees, administrative committees, and departmental committees. Students on such committees are voting members with all the rights and privileges of other members. The committees that currently have student representation are listed here:

Faculty Senate Committees
Admissions and Standards
Improvement of Instruction
Public Relations

Administrative Committees
Arts and Humanities
Campus Beautification
Honors Convocation
Information Technology Advisory
Multi-Cultural Affairs and International Affairs
Operation of the Student Center
Planning Council
QEP Advisory
Strategic Planning Steering
Student Conduct
Student Grievance
Student Organizations and Activities
Student Publications
Student Technology Fee
Traffic Appeal

Students who are interested in serving as committee representatives should contact the Office of the Chancellor or the President of the Faculty Senate for more information. Students are also invited to offer their ideas and suggestions to LSUA’s administrators.

Fitness Center

LSUA’s Fitness Center offers a wide variety of activities and services to LSUA students. The center houses a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a weight room, and classroom space for physical education courses. Outdoor tennis courts, with optional lighting, are located at the back of the Fitness Center and are also available for student use. For more information, call (318) 473-6408.

Student Housing

Opened in August of 2007, The Oaks is the first on- campus, apartment-style housing complex dedicated to students attending LSUA. It consists of an activity center and four apartment-style, multi-level buildings with a total of 308 beds. Eighty-Eight apartments provide a variety of two and four-bedroom living units. The activity center provides a community office, a computer lab, an entertainment area, and laundry room space as well as an outdoor pool/patio area. For more information about student housing, visit http://www.lsua.edu/housing.

Student Conduct

Our primary goal is to educate students about the policies, rules, and regulations that will impact their time here at LSUA. We strive to help students gain greater insight into their decisions and behaviors in an effort to support a safe, respectful learning environment.

It is the responsibility of all students to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations governing student conduct and discipline as outlined in the Code of Student Conduct: https://www.lsua.edu/docs/default-source/chancellor’s-office/policy-statements/policystatement228.pdf?sfvrsn=3b1fe7db_3.