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2019-2020 LSUA Catalog 
2019-2020 LSUA Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Sciences Concentration, Bachelor of General Studies

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Bachelor of General Studies

Concentrations Available:

  • Arts Management

  • Criminal Justice

  • Disaster Science and Emergency Management

  • Graphic Design

  • Health Sciences

  • Humanities

  • Kinesiology

  • Political Science

  • Pre-Law

  • Psychology

  • Visual and Performing Arts

The Bachelor of General Studies degree program is designed for students interested in interdisciplinary education. The degree program includes a core academic base and allows for flexibility in selecting an area of concentration. The program is especially valuable for students who wish to 1) help design their own course of study in a degree program; 2) change college majors late in their academic careers; 3) return to college as mature students with new career interests; 4) attend college irregularly or at night; or 5) pursue a non-traditional degree program for personal enrichment and satisfaction.

Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates with the Bachelor of General Studies degree will meet the competencies for the Area of Concentration established by their respective department.

Admission Requirements

Students must meet all requirements for admission to the university. The Bachelor of General Studies program has no separate or special admission requirements.

Degree Requirements

  1. Students must complete all of the requirements pertaining to baccalaureate degrees as specified in Degree Requirements .

  2. Students must complete at least 45 semester hours at the 3000 level or above and at least 15 semester hours at the 4000 level.

  3. Students must declare a 27-hour Area of Concentration and two 12-hour Enrichment Blocks during their first semester of enrollment in the program. Their initial selection of both the Area of Concentration and Enrichment Blocks can be changed subsequently. 

  4. Of the 27 hours required by the Area of Concentration, nine must be at the 3000-4000 level.

  5. Students are required to make a “C” or higher in all courses applied toward the Area of Concentration.

Degree Audit

Fillable BGS degree audit sheets for students and their academic advisors are available below:

Total Credits: 120

General Education Requirements

See list of approved courses in the General Education  section of the catalog.

Total Credits: 6

Social Sciences

Total Credits: 6


Total Credits: 6

Natural Sciences

Students must take either six hours of biology and three hours of physical science or six hours of physical science (in a single discipline) and three hours of biology.

Total Credits: 9


Total Credits: 9

Fine Arts

Total Credits: 3

Total Credits: 39

Areas of Concentration

Students must complete 27 hours that can be applied to one of the Areas of Concentration. See below for courses required by specific concentrations:

Disaster Science and Emergency Management

Students must complete each of the courses listed below. They must also complete BIOL 2030 as part of their General Education Natural Science requirement.

Graphic Design

Students must complete each of the courses from the bulleted list below. In addition, the following courses must be taken as electives: FIAR 1661 , FIAR 2441 FIAR 2881 , FIAR 2879 , FIAR 3992 FIAR 4841 , and FIAR 4992 . Students must also complete ENGL 2002  as part of their General Education Humanities requirement and FIAR 2440  as their required General Education Fine Arts course. 


Students may take courses from any of the humanities disciplines: English, Communication Studies, Foreign Languages, History, Philosophy, and Religion.


Students may not apply more than three 1-hour courses towards the Kinesiology Concentration and must take a minimum of three professional kinesiology courses (9 hours) at LSUA.

Political Science

Students pursuing the concentration in Political Science will select courses after consultation with the Political Science faculty advisor.


Students must complete POLI 2051  and PSYC 2000  to meet their General Education Social Science requirement.

To meet their Electives requirement, they must take POLI 2056 , BLAW 3201 , BLAW 3202 , nine hours of advanced History electives, nine hours of advanced Political Science electives, and three hours of Advanced Free Electives.

To meet their Enrichment Block requirements, students must take the following courses: Block One [SOCL 2501 , ECON 2010 , PSYC 3001 , PSYC 3140 ]; Block Two: PHIL 1021 , PHIL 2020 , ENGL 2002 , ENGL 2010 ].

Students must complete each of the courses listed below to meet their concentration requirements.


Students must complete each of the courses from the bulleted list below. In additon, they must complete PSYC 3001  as part of their General Education Social Science requirement and PSYC 2900  as a free elective.

Visual and Performing Arts:

Students may take any Fine Arts, Theatre, and Music courses.

Total Credits: 27

Enrichment Blocks

Students must select two of the Enrichment Blocks listed below and earn twelve hours in each block. These hours cannot include hours in any discipline that would be included in the Area of Concentration.

  • Business Administration: Accounting, Business, Business Law, Economics–except ECON 2010  and ECON 2020 –, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Disaster Science and Emergency Management
  • Education
  • Humanities (English, History, Philosophy, Religion, Communication Studies, French, Interpretation, Spanish)
  • Kinesiology
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Natural Science (Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics)
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Radiologic Technology
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences: Anthropology, ECON 2010  and ECON 2020 , Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology
  • Visual and Performing Arts (Fine Arts, Music, Theatre)

Total Credits: 24


Courses taken to meet General Education requirements or Elective requirements cannot also be used to meet the requirements of an Area of Concentration or an Enrichment Block. The same course cannot be counted in two categories.

Total Credits: 30

Suggested Sequence of Courses


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